Social relationships and meaningful activities are important elements of successful aging. AIM encourages members to be active in planning for life after 60. Membership is free. Get involved! attend one or all of our events, volunteer. Sign up to receive announcements and updates.

AIM began in February, 2015, as a group of Montclair residents interested in bringing issues facing older adults to the attention of municipal, county and state representatives as well as various community organizations.

AIM new logo with textFour months later, Aging in Montclair, Inc., was formed and incorporated as a New Jersey 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. AIM has built a strong leadership group and its membership includes hundreds of individuals from Montclair and nearby towns.

Mission Statement:

Aging in Montclair, as the membership organization for Montclair-area seniors, engages its constituents to identify and give voice to their concerns, shape solutions, and be active volunteers in meeting the community’s needs.

AIM envisions a future in which the voices of seniors are heard, their experience and talents are valued, and they are empowered to build a community where they can thrive in place.


  • Keeping members informed about community programs and volunteer opportunities of interest to older residents.
  • Providing updates on AIM advocacy efforts.
  • Encouraging members to refer to the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee (SCAC) website (http://www.scacmontclair.organd calendar in order to stay informed about important issues as well as programs and resources for older residents.


  • Notifying AIM members and the larger community about crucial issues on the legislative agenda at municipal, county and state levels.
  • Developing strategies to seek funds for needed programs.
  • Helping to link individuals with needs and questions to organizations that can address these issues.
  • Interfacing with community organizations providing services for seniors.


  • Alerting the AIM membership to upcoming events and hearings where senior presence and input are crucial.
  • Sponsoring community forums on topics of interest and importance to older residents.
  • Communicating with local and state elected officials in support of legislation that addresses the needs of our aging population.

Board of Trustees:

  • President~Penelope Carey
  • Vice President; Chair, Membership/Communication~Fran Hecker
  • Secretary~Carolyn Lack
  • Treasurer~Gerry Kirschbaum
  • Education Chair~Susan Ladov
  • Chair, Conversations on Aging in Community – Andrea Peyser
  • Outreach Chair~Barbara Kaplan

At Large:

  • Elsie Barrick
  • Adriana O’Toole
  • Carol Martancik
  • Marie Badaracco